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Passing and Not Passing

February 17, 2009

Not being Suzie full time does mean that I have a double existance. Most of the time it is not a problem because I can split my activities between Suzie and Bob. Not many people know Suzie and Bob.

Difficulties can occur when having a Suzie day that requires fitting in normally Bob activities, like popping in to work. Evenings and weekends are usually quiet at work with little need to interact with anyone, so on the face of it no big deal to just pop in as Suzie.

Swipe Bob’s RFID tag to open the turnstile, count the hundred steps up to level 6 (should I have taken the lifts?) passing through the call centre on the way.

Suzie at WorkSuzie at Work

Do work and then back through the call centre, down the stairs and out the turnstile with Bob’s pass.

Carry on with the rest of the day and think nothing of it.

On Monday Bob goes to work. Bob’s pass does not work in the turnstile. Nothing unusual in this, contract admin rarely notify security of contract extensions and it is contract turnover week.

“Leave it with me and just go up.” says security. Good job that the internal security door is broken and I do not need the pass to get in. Pick up the pass at lunch time and it is working again. Again think nothing of this.

Next day a colleague ‘has a word’ with me. “Security called me over.  About Sunday (smile).”

I smiled too. He continued. “You were seen on CCTV. I had  to confirm for them that you were you. They said you have nice legs, the women were very envious.”

I e-mailed  him a link to my Flickr.

Next time I need to work out of hours I will have to arrange a pass with a Suzie picture on it. Suzie clearly does not pass as Bob.

Suzie x