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April 20, 2011

It is nice that we are in April now, that traditional time of year when the ground is crackedThe ground is cracked with large fissures where the clay has dried out and shrunk and parched so you have to be careful not to drop anything into a gaping chasm.

At least now I no longer have to stick to metalled roads for my daily walks because I can take the paths and tracks across the fields without getting bogged down in mud.

There is a lot of native wildlife and my walks often take me to the local SSSI where it is quite easy to see the unusual flora, but the fauna is a little more elusive.

I was reminded today that I live in a major Adder stronghold.

Adder basking beside the road

Basking adder

There is a report of six people being bitten on one footpath alone in a day so they must be quite common. I try to be very wary when walking through long grass because they are not that easy to notice – you have to look for them. I have not yet seen one in the grass, but today was a good day for basking and I saw this one lying on the edge of the road.

The rape is now coming in to bloom so I thought I might take a snap.

Suzie kneeling in front of yellow oilseed rape with grass in the foreground

Suzie x