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Strange rules

August 28, 2011

Does anyone know why HMRC require me to submit a receipt for enough fuel to drive a thousand miles, in order to claim expenses for drivingHer Majesty's Revenue and Customs logo seven hundred miles? I wonder if they have given any thought as to where I am supposed to get such a receipt from?

The kind looking man behind the counter in the filling station looked at me strangely when I requested a VAT reciept, “Could I have a large one please?”

An old fashoined Shell filling station So what is the answer to my dilemma to needing 30% extra fuel. I suppose there are a few choices:-

1. Empty the excess fuel that will not fit into the tank down the drain at the filling station. This will still make claiming economically viable.

2. Leave the car idling for about three hours to use up the excess fuel.

3. Purchase a printer to print my own receipts that look just like the ones from the filling station.

4.  Perhaps I can purchase some receipts from somewhere? Might be cheaper than a whole printer.

5 Maybe if I ask nicely I can get a day off work each week for a threePenelope Pitstop from Wacky Races hundred mile joyride round the countryside. It is not like I am driving enough anyway.

Rules that are a pain in the bum are one thing, but rules that are impossible to comply with (legally) are just plain stupid.

I would complain to HMRC directly, but I would have to complain about there being no contact details for the relevant department on the website first. Does anyone know who is the current minister for administrative affairs? I am sure that Sir Humphrey must have had his finger in it somewhere.

oil portrait of Sir Humphrey Appleby, personal private secretary to the minister of administrative affairs.


Electoral reform

May 26, 2010

So we are going to get a referendum on the alternative vote. Will it make any difference? Probably not. I guess that someone could go through the figures and see what would have happened if the votes for the smaller parties had been redistributed to the larger parties.

I suppose that it does have a couple of things going for it, there will be no more tactical voting (if such a thing actually exists) and a vote for a small party will not necessarily be wasted. I suspect that the Liberal Democrats will go a bit quieter on PR when they realise that they will be picking up a good few second choice Labour votes under AV where Labour is increasingly coming third.

Will anyone be brave enough to tackle the real inequalities? Why do the people of the Isle of Wight get to return a single conservative MP, when the same number of voters in the north of Scotland get to return three Liberal Democrats and a Scottish Nationalist to the house of commons. I think it is a little unfair that Scotland gets an extra nine MPs compared to other areas with the same electorate. Correcting that anomaly alone would have made a significant difference to the new government.

Map showing England and wales as Conservative and Scotland as Labour

The UK with fewer MPs

There is also talk of reducing the number of MPs. I guess that logistically that will help if they can all fit into the house of commons at once, but the real advantage will be to see more even representation. Small populations of niche voters will no longer be able to swing the vote and the political map will be much more evenly coloured if adjacent constituencies are merged. Take the Eastern region where if Hemel Hempstead is merged with Luton South, Bedfordshire with Luton North, Norwich South with Central Norfolk, Colchester with Witham, Cambridge with Cambridgeshire South and Norfolk North with Great Yarmouth the colour of the map would represent the majority. We must never forget that democracy is a compromise between everyone having their say and no one.

Is a constituency of 150,000 voters too big? I don’t think so. The savings in having fewer MPs will enable the purchase of a couple of helicopters for those with the trickier constituencies, I can’t see that Charles kennedy would be complaining about that.

Charles Kennedy MP banging his head on tghe door of a Helicopter as he gets out.

Charles Kennedy better get used to getting in and out of his Helicopter

Suzie x

The economy at last

May 6, 2010

So at last the Prime Minister candidates have mentioned the ‘E’ word.

Mr. Brown who has damaged the economy so badly that it is worse than Greece where there is rioting in the streets says that he knows what he is doing with the economy and will carry on as usual. As a former chancellor with a reputation as a bully we know it is all his own work and there will be no scope for any chancellor to make amends under Brown’s rule.

Mr. Cameron says the economy is a priority that needs sorting out.

At least someone appears to be aware of the real world and knows what he is talking about.

Suzie x

Which Party for The Economy

April 28, 2010

Am I missing something or are all the partys pretty much ignoring telling us how they are going to sort out the economy. There is a bit about the short term and how much cutting there will be, but no substance, and nothing about what will be done to actually achieve growth.

Mr Brown, who has driven the ecomomy into the biggest hole ever, has told us that he is the man for the job. No doubt he feels that breaking the monopoly rules so that profitable Lloyds became unprofitable and he could nationalise it was a good move, rather like what he did to Railtrack, and will bode well for the future.

Graph showing that incresing tax rates reduces government income

Laffer curve shows that lower tax rate makes for bigger revenues

We are even seeing talk of tax cutting, Shock! Horror! Why don’t the Conservatives capitalise on their consistent track record while in Government of reducing tax rates = improved economy = bigger tax take. This is the only way the economy will survive. Say it! Don’t be ashamed Mr. Cameron.

Suzie x