Stobart Trans Store

December 12, 2009
Stobart Trans Store lorry

Anyone know where our local branch is?


King Canutes of Carbonia

December 8, 2009

The new religion of ‘Man made climate change’ has really taken hold now, with even the supposedly impartial BBC decrying any non-believers as bonkers.

We have hordes of disciples repeating the mantras ‘Do something futile to save the planet’ as if doing anything can make a difference. It is strange how the left can pick up on the statistics of a twenty five year old political drive by Margaret Thatcher which used statistics to show how bad coal was to shut the miners up. And we all know that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

The media today is so shallow that they will report what anyone who claims to be a scientist says as fact without checking, will treat a political lobbying group as a scientific institution and will spread unsubstantiated scaremongering willy nilly because it is sensational.

If you think that carbon Dioxide is some kind of poison – think again. look back through history. When there was vastly more Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere did the world end? No. What happened? The plants ate it all up and turned it into coal. The earth is a huge equilibrium. The plants that we have today have evolved to be able to survive on very low levels of Carbon Dioxide. The poor things are being starved!

Are there pollutants going into the atmosphere?  Yes. Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide and particulates are pretty nasty things that we should worry about – but does anyone really care about these? It would appear not.

It seems that the whole world has been brainwashed.  Hardly a day goes by without some Nazi rampaging through the house turning off my telly and unplugging my phone charger. This is usually followed by the same paranoid and guilt ridden storm-trooper  leaving the outside light on for a couple of hours following a visit to the garden to inhale some drugs.

Perhaps we should do the sums. Leaving the outside light on for a couple of hours once a fortnight, about 25KWh per year. Leaving the phone charger on and telly on standby (say a Watt each, probably significantly less) 17KWh for the pair for a year.

Now let us have a look at where all that energy goes. The outside light energy is lost – but the telly and phone charger are indoors and the energy goes to heating the house – fully recycled. The room thermostat will reduce the heating to compensate.

Now let us see where the energy comes from? The outside light only uses energy at peak time so the energy will typically come from fossil fuel sources such as gas or coal – but the telly and phone charger will be using the same amount of energy all the time so will be sourced by the base load, typically nuclear.

Don’t take what the media tells you as gospel, do your own sums, draw your own conclusions. Look at the evidence for yourself.

As I write this the leader of our Scottish Occupational Government is espousing his beliefs to the rest of the world, telling the people of Bangladesh that it is all OK, he will be spending vast amounts of money on something and oppressing the proletariat in to the bargain. The saddest thing is the futility of it all. Gordon Brown stands as King Canute against the inevitable rising tide, that is not man made and cannot be stopped by man. The people of Bangladesh need to plan for the future, dig canals and use the spoil to build islands. They need to develop salt tolerant varieties of rice. It is no good relying on Gordon Brown to bail them out, he might not be in charge much longer anyway. Unlike God – the Prime minister has to make himself popular.

Suzie x


July 20, 2009

Sparkle, Saturday 9V6X3474, originally uploaded by EXPOSURE ONLINE.

Hi to everyone I met at Sparkle. Thank you Paul for taking the photo while I was smiling.

Suzie x

Passing and Not Passing

February 17, 2009

Not being Suzie full time does mean that I have a double existance. Most of the time it is not a problem because I can split my activities between Suzie and Bob. Not many people know Suzie and Bob.

Difficulties can occur when having a Suzie day that requires fitting in normally Bob activities, like popping in to work. Evenings and weekends are usually quiet at work with little need to interact with anyone, so on the face of it no big deal to just pop in as Suzie.

Swipe Bob’s RFID tag to open the turnstile, count the hundred steps up to level 6 (should I have taken the lifts?) passing through the call centre on the way.

Suzie at WorkSuzie at Work

Do work and then back through the call centre, down the stairs and out the turnstile with Bob’s pass.

Carry on with the rest of the day and think nothing of it.

On Monday Bob goes to work. Bob’s pass does not work in the turnstile. Nothing unusual in this, contract admin rarely notify security of contract extensions and it is contract turnover week.

“Leave it with me and just go up.” says security. Good job that the internal security door is broken and I do not need the pass to get in. Pick up the pass at lunch time and it is working again. Again think nothing of this.

Next day a colleague ‘has a word’ with me. “Security called me over.  About Sunday (smile).”

I smiled too. He continued. “You were seen on CCTV. I had  to confirm for them that you were you. They said you have nice legs, the women were very envious.”

I e-mailed  him a link to my Flickr.

Next time I need to work out of hours I will have to arrange a pass with a Suzie picture on it. Suzie clearly does not pass as Bob.

Suzie x

Busy weekend

January 27, 2009

Suzie at the KWVRSuzie at the KWVR

Having to work at the weekend is a bit of a mixed blessing. having to go to work is not good, but being away for the weekend means lots of scope for Suzie time from leaving the office on Friday – until Monday.

There is lots of planning to do in order to make the most of the weekend,  finding out what is open, what events are on, the route from one to another.

Fortunately I found a couple of Model railway exhibitions that are reasonably local, and the KWVR is running as well. I was hoping that I might have company but there was no response to my post on the Steaming TVs Yahoo group.

There is more to the weekend than just the daytime, so when Rachel posted about the Les Femmes meeting at Club Xes in Sheffield on Friday it seemed like a good idea, and there was some confusing mention on Angels of a Transpose celebration on Saturday which turned out to be at the T-ladies meeting in Toga Toga in Northwich.

So friday evening started with the trip over the pennines to Sheffield. I wore my black layered skirt and  Long Tall Sally top and arrived a little after eleven. I parked right outside  Club Xes,  which is in a quiet industrial area not far from Meadowhall, and was made very welcome. It is a nice venue with a pub area where girls can talk, and a disco area. I managed to find Rachel OK and say “Hi”. As the evening goes on the music gets louder and the disco gets busier. Photos are taken (not by me, I forgot to take my camera! Thank you Joanna.) and e-mail addresses are exchanged. A nice evening in a nice venue. Back across the Pennines home on cruise control followed by a shower with lots of hair conditioner and bed.

Saturday morning and time to get ready, being aware that it would be a long day. Black George suit with a white top this time. It is probably a bit of a cliché but the smartest girl at a railway exhibition is always a T-girl which makes us easy to spot, even those that are not nearly 7′ tall who pass completely.

Back over the Pennines to Pontefract. A bit of a walk down the hill from the car park which is not ideal in heels. Lots of nice but little layouts, the outstanding layout for me was Market Roundham. Not only was it based on the 1500V DC Woodhead line which is a good start, but it was very inovative in being basically circular but the tight radius of the track was not obvious because there was no straight track to make the curve stand out. I will have to get a copy of the August edition of the Hornby magazine where it was featured. Nice to see more DCC layouts. Mostly Lenz and NCE systems with one Multimaus. DCC forces good operation with the built in inertia preventing sudden stops, starts and enabling slow running.

After a cup of tea it was off to Oxenhope. I had a quick look around the carriage shed before I got the train to Haworth. As I opened the door to exit the train a nice man said “I would have got that for you love.” Little things brighten your day.

KWVR Infrastructure train at HaworthKWVR Infrastructure train at Haworth

At Haworth the KWVR infrastructure train was in action slipping out between the service trains. It is nice to see freight trains running on preserved railways.

I had lunch in the Platform 4 café across the road from the station, very intimate dining with just the two tables, before rejoining the train to keighley and back to Oxenhope. A nice ride through some pretty countryside.

Back across the pennines yet again to get changed for T-ladies. This time it is my black tutu that I got from Affleck’s Palace with the LTS black top. Drive to Northwich and find the venue eventually by asking in Sauna Sauna if they know where Toga Toga is. It is of course the same place!

Ten quid to get in seems a bit steep, but it is a very nice venue, the drinks are cheap, and there is no rif-raf – a very nice feature! A very friendly bunch and I am immediately introduced to everyone. I dance a bit and chat and then Teela arrives with the girls who have been to a meal in Manchester. Complimentary chip butty time followed with cake to celebrate Teela’s aniversary. I mention to Teela  that I have the boobies that I bought from her earlier in the week.

It gets late and girls start to leave, so I make my way home too. It is early morning again so very late to bed after a shower.

Sunday morning I oversleep. Get ready in white top, jacket from George suit and Helium Girl leather skirt from TK Maxx and I am out by 11:30 and in work ten minutes later. Walk through the deserted call centre and get to my desk. Only a few testers in up the other end so I don’t need to explain that Suzie is substituting for Bob in order to comply with IR35!

I like wearing the leather skirt to work after working at a previous firm in Basildon where they introduced a permanent ‘smart casual’ dress policy, then subsequently revised it to require the wearing of ties (casual tie? a bit of an oxymoron methinks) then they further extended it to exclude the wearing of PVC and leather clothing (it was Basildon, PVC was normal office wear around the turn of the century). This was subsequently followed by a memo to allow the wearing of leather shoes and coats! Some managers just don’t have enough to do.

New software was installed, so time to head back down to Cheshire again and this time to the Crewe Heritage Centre for the second model railway exhibition of the weekend. Again lots of small layouts, with several DCC layouts and at least three with on-board sound locos. The sound really does create atmosphere on a layout, just a shame that the layouts were too small to give the trains a good run. A variety of DCC control systems in use, including one layout being operated with a £30 Bachmann E-Z command like I have for Underground Ernie. Digital control is now very inexpensive.

The star layout of the show was again quite inovative, it was the ‘Cheshire layouts committee” modular layout, the name a pun on the Cheshire lines Committee that was set up to build shared railway lines in the area. Members of the group had each built their own individul modules and they had all been laid out on tables and joined together to form a long layout. Modular layouts are nothing new, but this one was inovative in having a distinct scenic break at each end of the module to seperate it from the adjacent module and builders had used a lot of imagination to create variety.

had a look around the heritage centre. Nice to get a look inside the cab of the APT-P and see the Class 87 that was saved from being exported to the balkans.

After  that it was back home via the drive in restaurant for tea, and a rest.

Back to work on monday in Bob mode felt very strange, especially wearing bifurcated garments again. Not long until wednesday and clubbing though.

Suzie x

Rail Travel

January 19, 2009

Suzie with her luggageSuzie with her luggage

While it is nice to go to the the girls club and spend time with other T-Girls, it can be a very artificial environment, and, especially of you do not normally visit a pub let alone visit the scummiest parts of the inner city, can be very alien.

Getting out into the real world and doing what you normally do is a lot more fun. For me that is visiting to odd model railway exhibition, preserved railway or museum.

So far I have visited the Manchester Museum of science and industry (nice restaurant), The East Lancs Railway, The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Wigan and Manchester model railway exhibitions. Planned visits are Pontefract and crewe exhibitions and the Keithley and Worth valley Railway this weekend.

Suzie x


July 2, 2008

Not sure what the issue was, but perhaps Skem being a new town with a lot of roads to name they were running out of ideas of what to commemorate with a roadname.

This one is inspired by a garage clearout:-

This one commemorates the guy who made the first powered geriatric acent.


July 2, 2008

Sparkle in the park

I guess that as in other communities which have pilgrimages, for the tranny, a trip to Sparkle is something that you have to do at least once in your lifetime. For me this year is it since I do not expect to have the opportunity to go again. As the only event where we can show how many we are it is important to make up the number, but a shame that there does not appear to be a lot of coverage outside the tranny press. Where was the BBC, Granada, Sky, Antoine de Caunes?

I had a few preconceptions of what Sparkle would be like, some of which were a little off the mark even though I have read a lot of other’s experiences from previous Sparkles.

Being a Sparkle newbie it would have been nice to get along to the newbie event on Friday, but unfortunately it clashed with being still at work so I could not attend. A lot of the events were meals that required booking in advance, but not knowing until the last minute whether I would be attending Sparkle at all I was not able to book any of these, so I did not get the full Sparkle experience.

Friday's sparkle outfit

Friday got off to a good start when after getting ready in my black layered skirt I headed off for Manchester and realised that there was not a lot of fuel in the tank, so Sparkle weekend started off with a visit to the filling station en femme, but only after stopping off in the park on the way to take a couple of self portraits.

After reading the recommendations for parking I followed the instructions to the Charles Street car park. I guess that the instructions were OK but there appeared to be a lack of road signs since I could not find the roads in the instructions, so I followed the ringroad until I found Piccadilly station and followed the map from there which was quite straightforward. I am not sure that this carpark is as cheap as some people think, it cost £7 for the five hours I was there on Friday evening and £4 for Saturday. The full weekday daily rate is only £10 so it seemed a bit steep for a few hours in the evening!

Although the number of other T-girls I know personaly can be counted on one hand, I know a few others from e-mail and forums and had expected to meet a couple of them, but this is where one of my preconceptions comes in to play. I expected to instantly recognise a few familiar faces, but arriving on Canal Street on the Friday evening and being confronted with a few hundred T-girls you soon get to realise that there is only a limited range of hairpieces available to the transgendered community and on several occassions I thought that I recognised someone but was not sure when a few minutes later I saw someone else who looked exactly the same. This did not stop me from meeting a few new people so I still had a good time, but I managed to lose even some of them when I popped to a quiet place to make a phone call, when I returned Jaye Dee appeared to be gone. I am not too sure how she expected me to find her again when she had popped back to her hotel and changed both her dress and wig and moved from outside AXM to inside! I am very easily confused. I think that the use of 2D barcodes for trannies needs to be made compulsory!

While walking back to the carpark I stopped briefly to sit on a bench and adjust my shoes. While adjusting my shoes a guy decided to tell me how much he wanted to fuck me, how big his cock was and that he would like me to see it. I guess that my appearance must have been at least moderately attractive even that late in the evening.

Saturday’s entertainment in the park was good, but it did not appear to be that well attended when compared to the number of girls out in Canal Street on Friday. I did glimpse Miss Mandy Goodbody in the park but she disappeared before I got to say hello. My enjoyment of Saturday was spoilt a little by my choice of shoes which while OK for a short while were not that comfortable for a whole day, so when I exchanged the denim mini skirt for an equally short PVC one for the evening, I also swapped the heels for flip flops. The big problem with flip flops is that you are not forced to walk ‘girly’ in them so have to make a concerted effort. As well as visiting AXM I popped into Napoleon’s where the drinks were a little cheaper.

Standing on the jetty

Sunday’s organised events did not extend beyond eating and praying so I decided to go and visit the museum of science and industry en femme instead. Rather a good museum. Expensive parking at £5, but this seems to be par for the course in Manchester. I guess that I am getting better at my appearance and mannerisms when en femme because I was completely accepted all the while I was in the museum, even while wearing fishnets and a leather skirt. It was only when I spoke that I could see the realisation on people’s faces that I was not quite who I appeared to be. Even Sunday lunch in the museum restaurant was excellent. I really need to work on my femme voice.

With the Class77 in the museum of science and industry

After the museum I returned to Canal street and parked in a nearby on street pay and display which is free on sunday and spent the evening in AXM. Another guy mentioned that he would like to take me home and fuck me, so I still looked good after a whole weekend.

I thought that I would take a lot of photos, after all no one likes having their photo taken more than a tranny, but everyone seemed to be really preoccupied so I ended up with a few not very exciting photos. Was sparkle exactly what I had expected? Not quite. Was it great? Without question and I would love to go again.

Suzie X


May 4, 2008

I have been a little dissatisfied with Yahoo360 as a blog platform, so TechnoTranny blog has now moved to WordPress and a new address at:-

Suzie x

Busy day

May 4, 2008

I had another go at a photo shoot and managed to get a couple of useable pictures. I quite like the first one in the Gazebo, I think that it looks quite natural.

Suzie in the Gazebo

The next one was a bit of fun. I was painting the ceiling when I thought how much easier it would be to do it in heels!

Painting the ceiling in heels

I had a look on Flickr but could not find any group dedicated to tasks that could only be done by trannies, so I started one. Feel free to add your own submissions to the group if you have any more ideas.

All of that taking photos took rather longer than expected, resulting in insufficient time to to morph back to Bob mode in time to catch the bus. So I took the opportunity to go to town in Suzie mode instead, which gave me the opportunity to go shopping for some Suzie stuff. I did have some trepidation about going to the Job Centre in Suzie mode but they were fine.

It was a nice day so I sat on a bench near the pier while waiting for the bus back and took another picture. It was a bit windy.
Suzie on a bench in the public gardens