Down the Drain

As well as the ‘glass ceiling’ defining what girls can and cannot do, there is also the ‘Mud floor’ that tends to have the same effect.

Stereotypes are there to be broken, so when Bella identified that some corners had been cut in the renovation of her new house they had to be tackled.

Suzie digging the trench

I need some prettier wellies.

Yesterday’s task was sorting out the kitchen drain. In order to save time and money the builders had thought it was a good idea to just tee the sink and washing machine outlet into the rainwater downpipe which goes into a very small soakaway. The result of which is a very slow draining sink and error messages on the washing machine saying the outlet is blocked. When ground level is below sea level anyway a soakaway is never going to be very efficient! It needed to go into the main drain.

Bella and Suzie posing while digging a drain

Working Girls

Surveying the site and making a list of what was required did not take long and we went shopping. Bella had a pretty good idea of how much it would all cost, but it all cost double my estimate. Plastic pipe is jolly expensive!

Fortunately there has not been much rain recently and the ground is not waterlogged. We stripped the turf and started to dig the trench making quite a big hole in order to get the core drill in. I am not sure what the man from the hire shop thought of two girls laying a drain when he came to deliver the core drill!

Bella standing by the inspection hole apparently on fire.

Bella was working so hard she almost caught on fire.

Had it been a brick built inspection hole we had to connect to I might not have bothered with the core drill, but for thirty quid it saved an awful lot of work making a 100mm hole through the concrete.

Trench filled with pea shingle

Neat job

It probably would have taken me two days to do it on my own, but with Bella it only took us a few hours and we had it done in time for lunch.

I don’t understand Bella at all. Digging is so much easier in a leather skirt.

Suzie x


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