Which Party for The Economy

Am I missing something or are all the partys pretty much ignoring telling us how they are going to sort out the economy. There is a bit about the short term and how much cutting there will be, but no substance, and nothing about what will be done to actually achieve growth.

Mr Brown, who has driven the ecomomy into the biggest hole ever, has told us that he is the man for the job. No doubt he feels that breaking the monopoly rules so that profitable Lloyds became unprofitable and he could nationalise it was a good move, rather like what he did to Railtrack, and will bode well for the future.

Graph showing that incresing tax rates reduces government income

Laffer curve shows that lower tax rate makes for bigger revenues

We are even seeing talk of tax cutting, Shock! Horror! Why don’t the Conservatives capitalise on their consistent track record while in Government of reducing tax rates = improved economy = bigger tax take. This is the only way the economy will survive. Say it! Don’t be ashamed Mr. Cameron.

Suzie x


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