King Canutes of Carbonia

The new religion of ‘Man made climate change’ has really taken hold now, with even the supposedly impartial BBC decrying any non-believers as bonkers.

We have hordes of disciples repeating the mantras ‘Do something futile to save the planet’ as if doing anything can make a difference. It is strange how the left can pick up on the statistics of a twenty five year old political drive by Margaret Thatcher which used statistics to show how bad coal was to shut the miners up. And we all know that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

The media today is so shallow that they will report what anyone who claims to be a scientist says as fact without checking, will treat a political lobbying group as a scientific institution and will spread unsubstantiated scaremongering willy nilly because it is sensational.

If you think that carbon Dioxide is some kind of poison – think again. look back through history. When there was vastly more Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere did the world end? No. What happened? The plants ate it all up and turned it into coal. The earth is a huge equilibrium. The plants that we have today have evolved to be able to survive on very low levels of Carbon Dioxide. The poor things are being starved!

Are there pollutants going into the atmosphere?  Yes. Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide and particulates are pretty nasty things that we should worry about – but does anyone really care about these? It would appear not.

It seems that the whole world has been brainwashed.  Hardly a day goes by without some Nazi rampaging through the house turning off my telly and unplugging my phone charger. This is usually followed by the same paranoid and guilt ridden storm-trooper  leaving the outside light on for a couple of hours following a visit to the garden to inhale some drugs.

Perhaps we should do the sums. Leaving the outside light on for a couple of hours once a fortnight, about 25KWh per year. Leaving the phone charger on and telly on standby (say a Watt each, probably significantly less) 17KWh for the pair for a year.

Now let us have a look at where all that energy goes. The outside light energy is lost – but the telly and phone charger are indoors and the energy goes to heating the house – fully recycled. The room thermostat will reduce the heating to compensate.

Now let us see where the energy comes from? The outside light only uses energy at peak time so the energy will typically come from fossil fuel sources such as gas or coal – but the telly and phone charger will be using the same amount of energy all the time so will be sourced by the base load, typically nuclear.

Don’t take what the media tells you as gospel, do your own sums, draw your own conclusions. Look at the evidence for yourself.

As I write this the leader of our Scottish Occupational Government is espousing his beliefs to the rest of the world, telling the people of Bangladesh that it is all OK, he will be spending vast amounts of money on something and oppressing the proletariat in to the bargain. The saddest thing is the futility of it all. Gordon Brown stands as King Canute against the inevitable rising tide, that is not man made and cannot be stopped by man. The people of Bangladesh need to plan for the future, dig canals and use the spoil to build islands. They need to develop salt tolerant varieties of rice. It is no good relying on Gordon Brown to bail them out, he might not be in charge much longer anyway. Unlike God – the Prime minister has to make himself popular.

Suzie x


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One Response to “King Canutes of Carbonia”

  1. Justine Says:

    I think the big problem is, everybody has their own agenda. Yeah we can all ‘do our bit’ but how much of it involves buying new stuff? An awful lot, that’s how much. I’m all for saving money though, so yes I turned down the thermostat, I walk whenever I can instead of taking the car.. and I’m hugely skeptical of energy saving lightbulbs being carbon efficient (nobody has really ever told us how much they cost in carbon to make).

    I borrowed a power meter from work a while ago & went around the house measuring the standby consumption of everything we leave on. The figures look small on their own but add up to a staggering £200 a year – and that’s just my house where the only inhabitants are two adults & a dog. Admittedly being a bit of a techie a lot of that idle consumption is down to me.. and I’m pressing ahead to do something about it. £200 buys quite a few drinks even these days 😉

    BTW “Scottish Occupational Government”… I love that. I’m right with you there.

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