Sparkle in the park

I guess that as in other communities which have pilgrimages, for the tranny, a trip to Sparkle is something that you have to do at least once in your lifetime. For me this year is it since I do not expect to have the opportunity to go again. As the only event where we can show how many we are it is important to make up the number, but a shame that there does not appear to be a lot of coverage outside the tranny press. Where was the BBC, Granada, Sky, Antoine de Caunes?

I had a few preconceptions of what Sparkle would be like, some of which were a little off the mark even though I have read a lot of other’s experiences from previous Sparkles.

Being a Sparkle newbie it would have been nice to get along to the newbie event on Friday, but unfortunately it clashed with being still at work so I could not attend. A lot of the events were meals that required booking in advance, but not knowing until the last minute whether I would be attending Sparkle at all I was not able to book any of these, so I did not get the full Sparkle experience.

Friday's sparkle outfit

Friday got off to a good start when after getting ready in my black layered skirt I headed off for Manchester and realised that there was not a lot of fuel in the tank, so Sparkle weekend started off with a visit to the filling station en femme, but only after stopping off in the park on the way to take a couple of self portraits.

After reading the recommendations for parking I followed the instructions to the Charles Street car park. I guess that the instructions were OK but there appeared to be a lack of road signs since I could not find the roads in the instructions, so I followed the ringroad until I found Piccadilly station and followed the map from there which was quite straightforward. I am not sure that this carpark is as cheap as some people think, it cost £7 for the five hours I was there on Friday evening and £4 for Saturday. The full weekday daily rate is only £10 so it seemed a bit steep for a few hours in the evening!

Although the number of other T-girls I know personaly can be counted on one hand, I know a few others from e-mail and forums and had expected to meet a couple of them, but this is where one of my preconceptions comes in to play. I expected to instantly recognise a few familiar faces, but arriving on Canal Street on the Friday evening and being confronted with a few hundred T-girls you soon get to realise that there is only a limited range of hairpieces available to the transgendered community and on several occassions I thought that I recognised someone but was not sure when a few minutes later I saw someone else who looked exactly the same. This did not stop me from meeting a few new people so I still had a good time, but I managed to lose even some of them when I popped to a quiet place to make a phone call, when I returned Jaye Dee appeared to be gone. I am not too sure how she expected me to find her again when she had popped back to her hotel and changed both her dress and wig and moved from outside AXM to inside! I am very easily confused. I think that the use of 2D barcodes for trannies needs to be made compulsory!

While walking back to the carpark I stopped briefly to sit on a bench and adjust my shoes. While adjusting my shoes a guy decided to tell me how much he wanted to fuck me, how big his cock was and that he would like me to see it. I guess that my appearance must have been at least moderately attractive even that late in the evening.

Saturday’s entertainment in the park was good, but it did not appear to be that well attended when compared to the number of girls out in Canal Street on Friday. I did glimpse Miss Mandy Goodbody in the park but she disappeared before I got to say hello. My enjoyment of Saturday was spoilt a little by my choice of shoes which while OK for a short while were not that comfortable for a whole day, so when I exchanged the denim mini skirt for an equally short PVC one for the evening, I also swapped the heels for flip flops. The big problem with flip flops is that you are not forced to walk ‘girly’ in them so have to make a concerted effort. As well as visiting AXM I popped into Napoleon’s where the drinks were a little cheaper.

Standing on the jetty

Sunday’s organised events did not extend beyond eating and praying so I decided to go and visit the museum of science and industry en femme instead. Rather a good museum. Expensive parking at £5, but this seems to be par for the course in Manchester. I guess that I am getting better at my appearance and mannerisms when en femme because I was completely accepted all the while I was in the museum, even while wearing fishnets and a leather skirt. It was only when I spoke that I could see the realisation on people’s faces that I was not quite who I appeared to be. Even Sunday lunch in the museum restaurant was excellent. I really need to work on my femme voice.

With the Class77 in the museum of science and industry

After the museum I returned to Canal street and parked in a nearby on street pay and display which is free on sunday and spent the evening in AXM. Another guy mentioned that he would like to take me home and fuck me, so I still looked good after a whole weekend.

I thought that I would take a lot of photos, after all no one likes having their photo taken more than a tranny, but everyone seemed to be really preoccupied so I ended up with a few not very exciting photos. Was sparkle exactly what I had expected? Not quite. Was it great? Without question and I would love to go again.

Suzie X


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2 Responses to “Sparkle”

  1. paula Says:

    Hi Suzie
    I guess you know Sparkle is on 10-11-12 July this year .. same place and maybe better weather. I’m going too.


  2. Suzie Tall Says:

    I hope so

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