Extreme Trannying

I am probably breaking some tranny taboo here mentioning tree felling, but the tree about to be lopped is not a larch. It appears to be suffering, probably from over crowding, since it is a fast growing conifer. The other side is all dead where it has been shaded out by the birch so it has to go.

This photo opportunity is a result of me having a day to dress up coinciding with a request to sort the tree out before the weekend so that the area can be tidied. The outfit is not completely the same as in the other photos. Ernest Doe were not able to supply a suitable chainsaw skirt, it would appear that there is only demand for trousers and I did not think that Dotty-Pees would have anything, so I used the best thing to hand – my trusty Helium leather skirt from T. K. Maxx. The girly sized chainsaw is from Canada (it even has a French name).

I will probably be drummed out of UK-Angels now for mentioning forestry related activities but I think this qualifies as extreme trannying so I will post something to the Flickr group. Not sure yet whether it will be this one, do I look a bit too aggressive? I took quite a few pictures in the hope that one would be OK. I suspect that no-one is reading this, but if you are and want to take a look at Flickr, let me know which one you like:-


I would have embedded the pictures in this blog, but I don’t know how to do it.

No one noticed the stiletto marks in the lawn last time, but I bet they will this time!

Suzie x


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