The signs of trannying

Ahh! Trannying at last I hear you cry.

Perhaps nothing to get to excited about though. I am not sure why it is, but no matter how you try and tidy up after a dressing up session, the smallest most insignificant detail that you have missed is picked up on. Here are a couple of examples:-

1. Two days after going out, having washed a lot and been to work etc, why do I here from one of the younger female members of the family. “Uncle bob, why are you wearing eyeliner?”

I looked in the mirror and I am blowed if I could see any sign of it at all, but it clearly stands out like a sore thumb to the teenage community.

2. After a short experimentation session trying to create a bit of cleavage with some gaffer tape (probably the wrong thing to use)  Mrs Suzie asks. “Have you been shaving your chest?”

“No.” I answer completely truthfully. Although the tape was hard (and painful) to remove it did not take off any hair. Again I looked in the mirror – all appeared to be present. After analysis it would appear that all that had been noticed was that some of the hairs were straighter than usual.

What hope is there for the occassional tranny!

Suzie Tall


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