Camera train

I like model railways so a model railway does not have to be too exciting to keep my interest, but for the general viewing public at a railway exhibition the level of interest has to be much higher. Keeping trains running all the time (unlike on the real railway) helps, but any novelty that you can add is a bonus.

One thing often seen nowadays that miniature television cameras are available is the camera train, where you get to see the drivers eye view as the train is driven around the layout. Most modern locos do not have much room to install the camera, and no convienient central window, so I have decided to put the camera in a driving trailer.

The pictures show all of the bits (including the tiny TV camera). I started with an ordinary Mk3 brake coach and purchased the Hurst whitemetal conversion kit for it. It is not yet finished, still need some filling and painting, but I will keep you posted.

I took the photos and wanted to post this on Flikr tranny photo day ( ) but by the time I had sorted it there was not much tranny content left! Should I post it?

Suzie x


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