The beginning


Probably a bit late to be starting a blog since the bandwagon has long passed by,  but it will be better than talking to myself (I think!).

Is this the beginning? No. I have been dressing up at every available opportunity for twenty five years and electronics is a way of life. I intend to use this blog to document my thoughts, on trannying and on the more technical side.

So, do I have something to blog about today? Well yes. There has to be a  first time for everything, and even someone of my advanced 
years can have a new experience.  Today was the first opportunity in a while to dress up and 
the first time to try putting on makup properly since I got my TV stick, and so I thought a good 
opportunity for a DIY photoshoot in the garden. Not everything goes to plan of course, having 
a new camera does not suddenly make me an accomplished photographer, so do not expect to 
see any more photos than the ones I have uploaded to my profile – and they had to be cropped.

Suzie x


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